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You deserve to get quality assistance at every stage of your pool or hot tub ownership. Assistance by people who are as passionate about helping you enjoy your pool as you are. Call the experts at Swim Blue Pools and Hot Tubs, conveniently located in Ladner Village. We love helping you make the most of your water-filled entertainment centre.

A healthy pool is a great joy. Keeping it healthy requires a small amount of effort. You need the right water balancing treatments to keep it in perfect shape. Ask us to test your water for free. Just bring your samples into the store for quick, friendly testing any time. Speaking of store, that’s one of the delightful things about dealing with Swim Blue. While most pool companies work out of a van, we have a beautiful store loaded with products including pool toys and accessories. Stop by and chat with us, or give us a call! We’d love to discuss your pool or hot tub with you.

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You want your pool water to be as sparkling clean as possible. Bring in your water sample for a free analysis.

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We’ll work with you to help you help you set up your pool or hot tub so you can get the most out of it.

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Our installers have decades of experience and are recognized around the area as true pool and hot tub experts.


We’re known for the exceptional level of support we provide. Stop by and visit anytime!

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We really know pools and hot tubs. After all, we’ve been installing them since hot tubs first came on the scene. Let us help!

About Water Analysis

You should test the water in your pool or hot tub two to three times a week to ensure safe swimming environment and a long life for your pool. Collect your sample from the deep end for best results, in a sample bottle or any clean, plastic container.

Bring us your sample for a professional analysis. We’ll help you ensure proper water balance and chlorination levels.

In swimming pool maintenance, the ideal range for what’s referred to as the Langelier stability index is -0.5 to +0.5. If your results are below -0.5, your pool or hot tub water is considered corrosive. You will then need to take steps to adjust your pH, total alkalinity or calcium hardness. If your calculated results are higher than +0.5, then your pool or hot tub water is scale forming. Take the necessary steps to adjust the balancing factors of your swimming pool chemistry. Don’t worry; we’ll tell you what those steps are!

The most important factor to your water balance is the pH. The pH sets the tone for your water and keeps it clear and inviting.

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