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Pool Care for a West Coast Winter

By January 21, 2019 Maintenance

Caring for your pool in the winter in the lower mainland is unique from other parts of Canada.

Due to our milder winters, we don’t have to take the extreme measures that pool owners in colder climates need to in order to avoid issues related to freezing temperatures. However, there are a few things we encourage you to do to ensure that your pool equipment is protected and to prepare an easy opening in the spring!

1. Keep the pool balanced

This will ensure the your pool equipment is protected. Bring a water test in to our store so that we can provide you with instructions to properly balance the pool (pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium, etc.). If the chlorine level is too high over the winter, you can bleach the liner and unbalanced water can ruin your filter and pump.

2. Pay attention to the weather

With the prolonged rain we get on the West Coast your pool may become diluted and the acid can cause your pool to become unbalanced. You may also need to regulate your water level if it becomes too high due to the rain. Watch for algae and add Algaecide when appropriate

3. Regularly scoop any surface debris, brush, and vacuum

Make sure all debris is cleaned out of the skimmer baskets and pump trap.

4. If you have a winter cover, cover the pool

Don’t leave a summer cover on your pool over the winter as the weather will ruin it.

5. Circulate the pool through the entire winter

If you have a variable speed pump, you can keep it circulating a very low rate. This will also protect the pool in the event of a rare freeze.

6. Bring a water sample into our store for a Free Analysis through the winter (at least once a month)

You can also have us pick up your sample for free and we’ll email your test results and deliver your chemicals to you.

7. Consider professional winter pool and spa maintenance service

We will perform all of the regular maintenance that is necessary to prevent damage to your pool and make sure everything is working properly. We will regularly clean your pool, examine the filters and mechanical equipment, and double check the chemical levels.

With our weekly pool & spa service, you can lay back and relax, knowing that your pool is taken care of.

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