SpaBoss Prevent II 500ml


SpaBoss Prevent II prevents staining and scaling from becoming a problem in your hot tub if used as directed. Metals and minerals can get into the water through the environment and brought in by the people enjoying the hot tub. Over time they can build up causing ugly scaling and staining.

Spa Boss Prevent II is a weekly stain and scale treatment. It is a multipurpose concentrate that helps eliminate stain and scale formation on the spa and spa equipment. Prevent II is also a clarifier for cloudy water. It should be added weekly for effective results.

Regular use of SpaBoss Prevent II helps to enhance heater performance by eliminating the build-up of scale.

Size: 500ml

How to Use

  • Initially use 4 oz. per 500 gallons, then weekly 2 oz per 500 gallons.

SpaBoss Prevent 2 is comparable to:

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