About our products

We’ll help you with every step of your pool or hot tub ownership. A healthy pool is a great joy. We’ll provide the right water balancing treatments to keep it in perfect shape. You can ask us to test your water for free right at your home, or bring in your water sample to have us test it in our store.

We offer pool and hot tub installations, products and more. You even have a number of available maintenance options, including weekly or monthly maintenance programs, to keep your pool sparkling clean and worry free. Or you can do-it-yourself.

Speaking of store, that’s one of the delightful things about dealing with Swim Blue: while most pool maintenance providers work out of a van, we have a beautiful store front loaded with products, including pool toys and accessories. Stop by and chat with us! We’d love to discuss your pool or hot tub with you.


Revolutionary new hot tub care

Our exciting new AquaFinesse product line from Europe acts as a skin care centre while you enjoy your hot tub! No more irritating dry skin due to the harsh effects of chemicals, and maintenance of your hot tub has never been easier.

Learn about AquaFinesse

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