AquaFinesse has proven so effective in fighting bacteria that doctors are using this revolutionary product to help the healing process.

The Healing Power of AquaFinesse

Like all living things, bacteria have a defensive mechanism. They migrate to surfaces where they attach, improving their biotope by producing exopolymeric substances that form gel-like protective layers. Eventually, these join together and form a biofilm that can cause problems in medical treatment. As microbes multiply, these biofilms become larger and more stable.

AquaFinesse medical applications use the same approach used for the company’s water treatment products, by destroying the structure and viability of this biofilm, keeping it from forming the protection that bacteria crave. The product causes the processes responsible for microbial growth to stagnate, attacking what in medicine is known as “Microbial Influenced Corrosion.”

AquaFinesse medical products can open doors that have been closed until now, because doctors have historically had to depend on the action of biocides like hypochlorite or treatment of open wounds or sores, and these only deal with the upper layer of the biofilm. Long term cures have been difficult or impossible to achieve because nothing was actually addressing the stability of the biofilm as a whole. Once bacteria had recovered from the action of the hypochlorite, bacteria would go back to work. Enter AquaFinesse, a new way to keep this biofilm from gaining the strength needed for microbes to thrive.

Extremely good healing results have been proven, with the protective biofilm damaged and opened by AquaFinesse medical products. By damaging that protective shield, a biocide can work much more effectively, even inside the biofilm, where biocides previously couldn’t reach.

Best results are achieved by cleaning with AquaFinesse medical liquid (50ml AF per 10 liters clean water of 30-40 degrees Celcius) followed by the use of a disinfectant. Treatment of wounds like an open sore in the traditional way does not render an effective solution because the debris layer is not loosed from the tissue. AquaFinesse pre-treatment will loosen the layer, alloowing an oxidizer to do its job much more effectively. Doctors have seen that infection will be stopped and healing occur within 4-6 weeks for such things as ulcers.

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